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By Paul Breslau, Breslau Insurance & Benefits Inc.


Have you seen Noom “Not A Diet” advertised lately?  When I exceeded my upper limit of weight gain by five pounds, I happened on Noom. 

Do you agree that taking care of yourself should be your number one objective or at least near the top?   You are more valuable to yourself, to your own career, to your loved ones and friends if you are as healthy and able as you can be.  

The Noom App is available free for two weeks, so I signed up.  Noom bills itself as “Not a Diet” because their entire approach is long term and holistic.  After two weeks I lost six pounds and started to feel healthier and to sleep better.  I signed up for two months of Noom at $49.00 per month.  Then I quickly determined that the one-year subscription was $17.90 per month if paid in advance.  I switched and a credit was given. 

Now I have used the Noom App for 100 days.  Their approach is fantastic if you want to improve yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally with a side result of losing weight.  What Noom does, with humor, is to educate you in four short daily lessons.  These include reviewing how to understand and motivate yourself over the long term. 

You keep track of calories consumed with the Noom App.  Psychologically they advise that prohibiting any food is ultimately counterproductive.  Therefore, nothing is forbidden.  You eat your grandmother’s home-made double chocolate cake and apple pie ala mode.   You are taught what foods are better and encouraged to eat more of them.  Also, you learn which foods are unhealthy and guided to eat less of them. 

With Noom, exercise is important.  A credit of 50% of the calories burned is added to your daily calorie quota.  You are assigned a calorie quota at the beginning however at any time you can go into “Settings” “Weight Loss Plan” and adjust.  To lose two pounds per week Noom started me with 1400 calories per day plus 50% of the exercise calories.  After losing 15 pounds I changed my goal to half a pound per week and will get to a stable weight level soon.

Each of the major diet plans are reviewed for their good and bad aspects.  Noom also teaches you how to evaluate advertising, health studies, and trends.  Some of the daily lessons include mindfulness, journaling, and other proven “psych tricks” as Noom likes to call them.  In my opinion the compelling part of Noom is not new and leading-edge discoveries.  It is their ability to communicate, integrate, and motivate us. 

When we look around at the bank, grocery store, work, school, or anywhere so many people are overweight.  Food advertising usually does not focus on health.  So many people support McDonalds, Wendy’s, Burger King, Domino’s, Taco Bell, Dunkin Donuts, etc.  Now, Noom has helped me get healthier, I think it could help you too! Use my special link for 20% off when you sign up here:

Finally, there are enterprise programs for businesses and other employers to promote good health.  From the website; “We have spent nearly ten years working with over 45 million users to perfect our proprietary behavior change programs. These programs drive meaningful health outcomes and lasting behavior change to lower your healthcare costs.”    Please contact me to discuss. 



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