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Cannabidiol (CBD) in the Airpark – Bareroots Rx

By Paul Breslau, Breslau Insurance & Benefits Inc.


The August 7th U.S. News & World Report “How to Buy CBD” article by Staff Writer Lisa Esposito starts with this paragraph; “MAYBE YOU'RE A CUSTOMER who's curious about CBD-infused products such as tinctures, capsules, sprays, lotion, waters, sodas or gummy bears. You've heard claims of pain-relieving, anxiety-reducing, anti-inflammatory, sleep-enhancing and other purported healing properties, and you wonder if products containing cannabidiol, or CBD, can help you.”  Here is a link to the full article;

Before trying CBD I recommend you read the remainder of Lisa’s article as well as doing additional research on CBD usage.  What do experts and people say about the impact of CBD on the condition or ailment that you are wanting to alleviate?  Then once you are done gathering information and evaluating it you can look no further than our very own Airpark for a high-quality CBD producer to make a purchase. 

Bareroots Rx is at 7601 E Gray Road, Suite A where they manufacture and distribute a range of CBD products.  All their products are hemp-derived and contain no THC, the psychoactive ingredient of marijuana, a cousin of hemp.  Only organic hemp and other organic ingredients are used.  An independent testing lab provides a Certificate of Analysis for each of their product lines and these are posted on the website along with other helpful information including ways to order.

The website also has an educational section as well as a bio of local founders Dale and Kathryn Hipes.  Their passion is to find “natural remedies using essential oils” and other non-pharmaceutical solutions to help suffering people from every walk of life.  The website has more links if you need to augment the research recommended above.

Many Bareroots RX products are fun and targeted.  These include Refresh Eye Cream, Replenish Face Cream, Retold Lip Balm, BareBeard Balm, BareMints, and BareInk Tattoo Balm.  The core products are Renew Hemp Extracted Oil and Restore Healing Balm.  These two are for the possible relief from the more serious conditions Lisa mentions in her U.S. News article.  Finally, there is Critters Pet CBD for your older dogs and cats with chronic ailments.


Bareroots Rx also wholesales through distributors, affiliates, and participating retailers.  My affiliate link is  With enough volume Bareroots Rx will work with businesses to private label one or more of the product lines.  Please reach out to me or directly to them if you are interested in learning more. 


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